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Hi!  I am a Tony and SAG Award nominee who has made my living as a professional actor for over 25 years.   With experience on Broadway, at leading regional theatres around the country, as well as on camera in television and film, I have a diverse set of experiences to draw from in my coaching.    My own acting career operates through New York City, but I have recently become a resident of Greensboro, NC and I am eager to offer all those years of  stage, on-camera and voice experience to local professionals and students.  In person or zoom sessions are available for work on auditions, monologues, and  consultation on other aspects of a career in acting.


Focus on the practical

I have always responded to advice and training that was immediately usable; that was something concrete that I could DO or USE in the very next audition in the very next performance.

  I focus on concrete tips and perspective shifts that maximize where we have control in a situation and minimize where we don't.

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